Card Catalogues

The Moravian Library has an extensive library stock of nearly four million volumes. The entire stock is not yet processed in the online catalogue. The yet-unprocessed is mostly older publications that are not frequently borrowed. If you cannot find a record in the online catalogue for a particular work, try card catalogues on 3rd floor or

Scanned catalogues of the Moravian Library

If your search fails in Aleph, try to browse scanned author catalogues. You can browse records from catalogues of Moravian Library's former Univerzity, Technical and pedagogical branches. The catalogue structure is hierarchical: drawer - every 100th card - every 10th card - all cards. Here you will find catalogue cards scanned in GIF format. You do not need any specialised browser to view them. Full catalogues have been scanned and 2,366,378 cards have been made available. Cards may be viewed and selected documents can be ordered directly.

University Library - author catalogue Z1 to year 1950
University Library - author catalogue Z2 1951 - 1994
Pedagogical library - author catalogue Z1 to year 1985
Pedagogical Library - author catalogue Z2 1986 - 1994
Technical Library - author catalogue Z1: until 1950
Technical Library - author catalogue Z2: 1951 - 1977
Technical Library - author catalogue Z3 1978 - 1994

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