Team Study Rooms

Team study rooms are unavailable from September 2020 until further notice.
We are sorry for complications.

Our registered users can use one of our team study rooms. If you want to be sure, you can book it in advance. Reservations are free of charge! 

  • Team study room should be used exclusively for studying and not for hosting events. For those you can use other facilities that we offer for rent .

Team Study Room #1

The larger study room is located on the first floor above the café. Entrance to the study room is only possible through the foyer of the library. There are 30 study places and 8 tables (+ 2 small tables and 12 spare chairs).

Key and detailed information will be provided by service on the 2nd floor in Foreign libraries.

Týmová studovna v 1. patře

How to book Team Study Room?

Detailed rules for boooking and lending of team study rooms can be found in the Library Regulations. Study room can be borrowed only by user with valid registration. Booking and Lending of study rooms are free of charge. During the study, the room must not be locked.

1) Log into our online catalogue.

2) Click on My Account ("Můj účet") in the upper right corner.

3) In the right column, select Reservation of study room.

4) Click on Group Study Rooms.

5) Choose a Study Room in "Holdings"

Rezervace studovny

6) Now you can enter the reservation requests. Choose from green fields (red are already reserved by another users) and confirm it by clicking on the reservation button below. You can booka maximum of 10 time slots at once.

Zadání požadavku na rezervaci

Remember that if you do not arrive 10 minutes after the start of your booked time slots, all your reservation for this day will be canceled and will be available to another users. The key to the study room must be returned before the end of the loan period – once you exceed the loan period, you will be automatically charged a fee of 100 CZK.
















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