Science, Technology and Medicine

Natural Sciences (environment, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, biological disciplines); Applied Sciences (information technology, military, medicine, pharmacology, electronics, engineering, construction, agriculture, veterinary medicine, domestic economy, transport, industry and handicrafts, architecture, geography); General dictionaries and encyclopaedias and complete bound volumes of the most popular magazines (excluding this year’s).

Opening hours



phone541 646 196

Studovna přírodních věd a techniky

- over 15.000 volumes of encyclopedias, dictionaries, and study of literature the most frequently used in addition to the script
Reading Room Equipment
- there are terminals with access to the MZK electronic catalogue and all licensed online databases and the internet
- 1 PC terminal is allocated to working with electronic supplements to publications from the reference library
- there are two self-service photocopiers and a WiFi connection is accessible throughout the entire building
Services for Readers

- we offer advice on how to search in the MZK catalogue, consultation and instruction on searching electronic information sources
- upon request, we will prepare a bibliographic search using the available information sources
- there is a fee for this service, delivery time varies according to the difficulty of the query
Copy and print
- 1 self-service printer for print and copy
- 1 self-service printer only for copy

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