Current operation of the Moravian Library 

The Moravian Library has renewed all its basic services - the circulation desk and all study rooms are open. Wearing masks and social distancing is now voluntary. It is still necessary to perform regular disinfection.

At the same time, the library is undergoing construction work in the atrium and throughout the summer, replacing of carpets will be carried out in the study rooms. Therefore, the library can be used only by registered readers. In connection with the construction work, there will be short-term closures of individual study rooms - most of the reference literature from the study rooms is available for order. It is also necessary to take into account short-term transfers of the place for handing out the on-site and absence loans.

Throughout the summer, the employees of the Moravian Library will be available to readers at the entrance and will inform them about the current operating conditions. You can always find more detailed information, including the new opening hours, at

We apologize to all readers for any complications and the increased noise level in the library. We are trying to do our best so that we do not have to close the entire library again - ordering and handing out absence and on-site loans will work throughout summer.

There is also a café in operation, the opening hours are the same as those of the Moravian Library.

If you have any questions, please write to or call the infoline on 541 646 201 (in operation only during opening hours).

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Phone Number541 646 201

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