Library Rules Summary

Only physical persons over 15 years of age are permitted to become registered users.

Registration fees are as follows:

Physical persons under 64 years (including) 200 CZK a year / 
100 CZK a half year
Full-time students under 25 years (including) 100 CZK a year / 
50 CZK a half year
Seniors from 65 to 69 years 100 CZK a year
Seniors over 70 years (including)Free
Research degrees (e.g. PhD. or ITIC cardholders) / (Renewals for 7 months) 300 CZK a year
Disabled users, Users 15–20 years (including), Students and Employees of the University of Defence Free
Legal bodies 400 CZK a year
Single entry (valid for 30 days; only in-house loans)) 20 CZK
Replacement of a library card 50 CZK

Complete list of charged services and applied fees in CZK


  • Registered user may borrow as many as 40 items at once.
  • The loan period is usually 1 month if not stated otherwise. Items may only be borrowed during the period of validity of a user's library card. The loan period can be renewed for up to 3 months from the initial issue date unless the concerned item has not been requested by another user.
  • Overdue fine makes 5 CZK per day each item.

In-house loans; Reference only loans

  • Registered users are allowed to borrow reference items from stocks for in-house use. These items have to be returned the same day of the loan period initiation before closing time. Request for renewal has to be announced.
  • Overdue fine makes 20 CZK per day each item.

Inter-library loan service

  • MZK will, upon request by a registered user, arrange a loan from a different library in the Czech Republic (outside Brno) or from libraries abroad, if the requested item is not in the MZK stock


  • Users are obliged to report loss or damage of an item to the MZK immediately. The MZK will decide in which way the loss or damage might be compensated.
  • MZK users and visitors are expected not to disturb other users and visitors.
  • Users are obliged to leave outer garments and luggage in the cloakroom on the ground floor.
  • Users are not allowed to bring food, drink or materials capable to damage the library property to studies and circulation desk. Eating and drinking are allowed only in areas designed for that.
  • Taking items beyond check point without authorization is considered as a particularly serious violation of the library rules. MZK takes it as a theft or attempted theft with all the consequences.

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