Printing and copying


  • To use these services you need to charge your library card with credit
  • To charge the card with credit go to the loan counter or use the self-service machine located on the ground floor next to the information desk
  • For personal use, from the MZK stock, maximum size A3
  • Self-service MFDs are located in the 
    • Science, Technology and Medicine (6th floor)
    • Humanities and Social Studies (4th floor)
    • Foreign Libraries (2nd floor)
    • Ground Floor
MFDs enable you to:
  • make b/w or colour copies
  • print files from computers in reading rooms or

Sevices on Demand

  • Copying parts of documents (maximum size A3, not more than 20 pages in the reading room while you wait, more than 20 pages upon agreement)
  • Based on a printed order you may receive copies of
    • entire documents
    • large format originals (b/w, one-sided)
    • microfilm and microfiche (A3, A4, b/w, onesided)

Filled in order forms may be handed in at any loan counter, your copies will be prepared in the Newspapers and Juornals Reading Room.

Other Services

Digital copies of historical materials (you can order this service in the Manuscripts and Old Prints Reading Room / 4thfloor)

  • Digital copies of works in the public domain through the EOD service 
  • an order can be made directly using the MZK online catalogue

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