Newspapers and Journals

In the reading room you will find: this year’s newspapers and magazines; ordered bound volumes of newspapers and magazines; stock items in microfilm and microfiche; (these items are marked in the electronic catalogue “Newspapers and Journals / 2nd Floor”.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 08:30am-19:00pm


phone541 646 185

Studovna novin a časopisů


  • the whole stock of this reading room is intended for on-site study only and may not be carried outside the reading room
  • only readers with a valid library card or an on time reader pass may access this reading room
  • this year’s papers and magazines are available without electronic ordering and can be taken freely from shelves
  • materials that can not be found there will be brought to you on request
  • to order other items from the stock use the electronic catalogue:
    //papers stored in the MZK building are brought to you in 30 minutes
    //items stored in the depository outside Brno will be prepared within 10 days (abbreviation “DEP” in the catalogue) 
  • these materials will be prepared for you on an appropriate shelf according to the last two digits of the barcode on your library card
  • ordered microfilm and microfiche items will be prepared for you at the reading room service desk
  • none of the items from this stock may be taken outside the reading room
  • they may be viewed by using special readers

Reading Room Equipment

  • readers microfilm and microfiche
  • pc

Copy and print

  • 1 self-service copy/printer, 1 printer served by the staff
  • for a list of prices see


  • 4 computer terminals (2 PCs, 2 Sun Rays) with access to the Internet (after log in), to the MZK on-line catalogue and all licensed on-line databases (login data is the same as when logging in to the on-line catalogue)
  • 3 microfilm readers and 2 microfish readers 
  • 33 study places


microfilm and microfiche

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