Digital Library MZK

The Moravian Library in Brno runs the Digital Library MZK which offers digitized documents via system Kramerius and contains works in the public domain as well as copyright works of many genres.

Design of the Digital Library MZK brings simple and comprehensive way of working with digital documents. The great bonus of this web interface is access to more digital libraries in the Czech Republic! We will be happy if you write us your comments here:

Instructions for working with the Digital Library MZK can be found here.

Mobile App Kramerius

Another way of viewing our digital documents is through the Kramerius mobile app. We have developed applications for Android and iOS. You can download the application for free here:

What does the Digital Library contain?

Currently (August 1, 2018) you will find 50 175 419 scanned pages in the Digital Library MZK. This is 199,689 various documents in total.


Thematic collections contain selected documents that can be also found in the "complete" Digital Library. The collection behaves like a filter and can be removed in the left column "Applied Filters". You can enter the list of individual collections through the option "Collections" in menu on the main page.

The Digital Library MZK consists of 16 collections:

Access to the Digital Library MZK

Access to the Digital Library is limited by copyright. The basic division of documents is:

  • public - these are works in the public domain, they are not subject to author’s or publisher’s rights and they are freely accessible
  • private - these are copyright works, which are protected by author’s or publisher’s rights (the duration of a copyright spans the author's life plus 70 years and 50 years from publishing, for newspapers and magazines 70 years from publishing); you can browse them and print them only on MZK computers via the browser with copyright content (beware, you cannot download or copy from this browser).

Downloading PDF and printing from the Digital Library MZK

Is it possible to download documents in PDF format and print them from the Digital Library MZK. Specific instructions for working with documents and the Digital Library can be found here.

We will be happy for your comments and questions. Write us here:

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