Research and Reference Services


Do you need assistance in and around the library?
Do you need help in using catalogues or finding information?
Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don´t hesitate to contact a member of staff.

Ask for advice

  • a librarian at information desk in the lending room on the ground floor
  • a  librarian in reading rooms,
  • a subject librarian (see below).

What can you expect?

  • information about retrieval in catalogues of the Moravian Library,
  • instructing and help with searching in electronic information resources,
  • counselling services.

Registered users who have not student status can request a search (a list of literature on a specific topic, paid service). The library does not perform searches for student assignments.

Search request form: .docx / .pdf

Subject librarians 

Subject specialist librarians are available for advanced research consultation (free of charge). They offer specialized research assistance. Contact a subject librarian for help in finding information for your subject (free of charge) or order a search (paid service). You can ask for instructions how to work with databases (free of charge).  A subject librarian can help you design research strategies. It is necessary to request a research consultation appointment with a subject librarian in advance.

Social sciences and humanities, economics, management / 4th floor

Mgr. Martina Orlová, tel. 541 646 203, 

Music / 5th floor

Mgr. Irena Veselá, Ph.D., tel. 541 646 165, 

Science, medicine, agriculture / 6th floor

Dr. Ing. Miroslav Kroupa, tel. 541 646 196 or 541 646 162,

Standards, patents, technology, business information  /  6th floor

PhDr. Martina Machátová, tel. 541 646 170,

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