Research and Reference Services

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we now prefer the online form of consultation.
Consultation in the library is possible only by prior arrangement.
Thank you for your understanding.


Do you need assistance in and around the library?
Do you need help in using catalogues or finding information?
Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don´t hesitate to contact a member of staff.

Ask for advice

  • a librarian at information desk in the lending room on the ground floor
  • a  librarian in reading rooms,
  • a subject librarian (see below).

What can you expect?

  • information about retrieval in catalogues of the Moravian Library,
  • instructing and help with searching in electronic information resources,
  • counselling services.

Registered users who have not student status can request a search (a list of literature on a specific topic, paid service). The library does not perform searches for student assignments.

Search request form: .docx / .pdf

Subject librarians 

Subject specialist librarians are available for advanced research consultation (free of charge). They offer specialized research assistance. Contact a subject librarian for help in finding information for your subject (free of charge) or order a search (paid service). You can ask for instructions how to work with databases (free of charge).  A subject librarian can help you design research strategies. It is necessary to request a research consultation appointment with a subject librarian in advance.

Social sciences and humanities, economics, management / 4th floor

Mgr. Martina Orlová, tel. 541 646 203, 

Music / 5th floor

Mgr. Irena Veselá, Ph.D., tel. 541 646 165, 

Science, medicine, agriculture / 6th floor

Dr. Ing. Miroslav Kroupa, tel. 541 646 196 or 541 646 162,

Standards, patents, technology, business information  /  6th floor

PhDr. Martina Machátová, tel. 541 646 170,

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