Manuscripts and Early Printed Books

The reading room is designated for the purpose of academic research through the aid of historical and valuable items, as well as the reference collection. Usage of the reading room is governed by the Research Library Regulations of the Department of Manuscript and Archival Material. Due to an electronic lock and security system it is necessary to ring the bell before entering the reading room. 

Opening Hour

Monday, Thursday by appointment two working days in advance at
Tuesday 12.00-22.00


Phone 541 646 157

Studovna rukopisů a starých tisků


  • All borrowed materials (max. 5 items) may only be studied within the library itself. They will be prepared the following day and may remain reserved for a particular reader for a maximum period of seven days from the first day of their retrieval
  • Manuscripts, rare prints, and unique or jeopardised materials are lent solely on digital media or microfilm, if available. In cases of serious research interest in studying the original manuscript, you must contact the Head of the Manuscripts and Old Prints Department directly. Requirements for items from the reference library will be prepared while you wait on submission of the shelf location number of the required work (part of the reference library is available in open stacks).


Copies of manuscripts, old prints, maps, the graphic collection, and reference library can only be made employing digital techniques. The creation of reproductions depends on the condition of the work concerned, its format (its physical size) and the requested scope of the order. Charges for reprographic services are listed in the MZK’s regulations.


The Manuscriptorium digital library (historic stock of Czech and international institutions) may be accessed throughout the entire library.

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