List of charged services and applied fees in CZK

Appendix to the MZK regulations no. 4

Registration fees

Physical persons under 65 years 200 CZK a year/
100 CZK a half year
Full-time students under 26 years 100 CZK a year /
50 CZK a half year
Seniors from 65 to 69 years100 CZK a year

Seniors over 70 years (including)

Research degrees (e.g. PhD. or ITIC cardholders) / (Renewals for 7 months)
300 CZK a year
Disabled users,  Users 15–20 years (including), Students and Employees of the University of Defence Free
Legal bodies 400 CZK a year
Single entry (valid for 30 days) 20 CZK
Replacement of a library card 50 CZK

Inter-library services

In the Czech Republic

Inter-library loan in CZ - postage50 CZK
Copies from other libraries in CZ - per page (A4)2 CZK


Loan from an European country (Excluding UK) 300 CZK
Printed copy of an article as a substitute for a loan 1-10 pages 100 CZK
11-20 pages 150 CZK
more than 21 pages 200 CZK
Loan from Great Britain and overseas 600 CZK

Fines for lost items borrowed through international inter-library loan service (fees are added together)

Administrative charge 200 CZK
+ Compensation as demanded by the library concerned  

List of charges for the eBooks on Demand service


Administrative charge 200 CZK
Charge per each digitised page 4 CZK

A registered user with a library card valid the day the order is made is relieved of the above mentioned administrative fee of 200 CZK.

Additional fee for sending the e-book in the form of a CD-ROM/DVD (depending on file size)

Inside Europe including ČR 150 CZK
To other countries 200 CZK

Reprographic services

Self-service copying

B/W A4 (one side) 1,50 CZK
B/W A4 (both sides) 3 CZK
B/W A3 (one side) 3 CZK
B/W A3 (both sides) 6 CZK
Colour copy A4 (one side) 8 CZK
Colour copy A4 (both side) 16 CZK
Colour copy A3 (one side) 16 CZK
Colour copy A3 (both side) 32 CZK

Digital copies (concerning archival material)

Elektronické kopie

Digital image from a bound volume 4 CZK
Digital image from a graphic page 20 CZK

For non-commercial purposes (scientific, academic) send a request to

Additional fee for printing digital copies

B/W copy (A4) 1,50 CZK
B/W copy (A3) 3 CZK
Colour Copy (A4) 11 CZK
Colour Copy (A3) 22 CZK

Permit to export objects of significant cultural value according to Act no. 71/1994 Coll.

Permanent export from CZ 500 CZK

Bibliographic search

1 hour of work 170 Kč

Fine rates, damages and deposits

per one library unit per day:
An absence loan 
On site loan 
iPad Mini
Inter-library loan
5 CZK 
20 CZK
20 CZK
200 CZK
10 CZK
Bindings damage200 CZK
Damage to library units to a greater extent500 CZK
The loss of library unit500 CZK
Damage to the tablet / E-reader or its componentsdepending on the extent of damage, determines IT worker
Contractual fines - Lockers
Contractual fine for late return of keys 50 CZK
The loss of keys (lock replacement) 600 CZK
Team and quiet study room
Contractual fine for late return of keys 100 CZK
The loss of keys (lock replacement) 1000 CZK

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