Standards and Patents

Literature and information regarding technical standardisation and protection of industrial property. Here you will find mostly standards, patents, and corporate literature. Records of these documents are not included in the electronic MZK catalogue. The reading room holds an exhibition of corporate literature six times a year and an exhibition of Czech patent files three times a year.

Opening hours

Monday-Wednesday 08:30am-07:00pm
Thursday-Friday 08:30am-04:00pm


phone 541 646 170, 172
e-mail (study room) (supervisor)

Normy a patenty



Czech Standards CSN

  • continually complemented (including modifications) since 1956
  • archives also contain some invalid CSN and industry standards ON
  • under Czech Law No. 22/1997 Coll. valid standards can not be copied
  • the stock also contains TPG and TNV standards.

German DIN standards

  • gained by the library from 1993 to 2000, including proposals and preparatory standards
  • also held by the library are German standards from 1978–1992, this set is however not complete
  • german standards are only intended for on-site study and may not be copied

Czech Patents (until 1992 Czechoslovak)

  • the MZK has maintained a collection of Czech patents since 1919
  • they are intended for on-site study only, copying is permitted

Corporate Literature

  • contains directories of Czech and international companies, brochures and product catalogues, price lists, company annual reports, corporate magazines


  • access to the online CSN database and other databases on CD/DVD
  • searching for standards, patents and bound business journals from the stock immediately while you wait

Reading Room Equipment

  • there are 2 terminals with access to the MZK electronic catalogue and all licensed online databases and the internet
  • 1 PC terminal is allocated to working with electronic supplements to publications from the reference library

Copy and print

  • valid CSN, standarts DIN, TNV and TPG can not be reproduced

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