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The World's Largest Digital Newsstand

PressReader collects together more than 6,000 publications in over 60 languages from around the world, including The Guardian, The Independent or Newsweek. Every newspaper and magazine can be translated instantly into one of 18 languages, or the built-in reader can be used to hear the paper aloud. There is no delay – content appears the same day as the printed version. And get the app from Google Play, the Apple App Store, or Microsoft to enjoy PressReader on whatever mobile device you prefer.

PressReader is a stand-alone web-based portal providing full digital replicas of current-edition newspapers and magazines to students, teachers and researchers. With authentication methods patrons can access PressReader’s catalog anywhere, anytime.

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PressReaderDownload the PressReader app for Apple and Android devices and read your favourite Press Display newspapers in a format specially designed for your phone or tablet.

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