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The collection of the English Library contains approximately 22 000 volumes. It includes mainly course books (with audio and other supplements) for all language levels, business English and English for specific purposes, dictionaries, British contemporary and classical works of fiction, British studies, British newspapers and magazines, study materials for Cambridge and other exams, language tests for all levels, teaching theory and practical teaching materials, feature films in English and audio books. The library offers an impressive collection of English study materials suitable for all interested persons. The English Library has existed in Brno since 2002. Its establishment is credited to the British Council which continues to support it as its partner library until today. 

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phone 541 646 321
e-mail zhr@mzk.cz
541 646 320


The English Library provides books and other media in the English language. These are mainly textbooks (with listening and other accompanying materials) of all language levels, with general and specialised courses (e.g. Business English). In addition, the library offers dictionaries, contemporary and classic British fiction, literature for children and youth, simplified reading (with listening), literature on the culture and civilisation of Great Britain, as well as learning materials for Cambridge and other tests (sample tests for each level).

Represented in the English library are also methodological and didactic literature for teachers, practical teaching materials, films on video and DVD in their original version, audio-books, British newspapers and periodicals. The English Library thus provides a unique range of literature and documents suitable for all interested in the study of English.

In addition to library services the English Library organises, along with the British Council, cultural events, especially workshops for teachers, lectures, exhibitions, and in rare cases, readings of works by British writers. In addition to all of these activities the British Library organises a Reading Group at the MZK – a literary club for all readers interested in reading English literature in its original version. 

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