International Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loans Service lends publications owned by the Moravian Library to other libraries. It also provides photocopies of serial articles. Requests for ILL will be accepted from any national, university, public or special library within Czech Republic and internationally.  

We provide loans of publications and copies of articles from periodicals held in the collections of other Czech and international libraries in case you do not find the document in the MZK stock. 

Openig Hours

Monday-Wednesday, Friday08.30-16.30

Contact - 1st floor

Phone541 646 175
Fax541 646 177

Interlibrary Services for our users

To search the Moravian Library collection, check - the Library online catalogue (listing all post-1994  material). Materials publisher before 1994 could either be in the online catalogue or in the card catalogue.  

  • This service is charged
  • If the document has not been available in the MZK for a significant period of time or if it is lost, this service is free of charge.

Loans from collections located at Czech libraries

  • For registered MZK users
  • For more detailed information contact Radomíra Kociánová at

 Loans from collections located at international libraries

  • For READERS as well as LIBRARIES (registered MZK users)
  • Are dealt with in the event a requested document is not available in the CZ. Therefore, each order for ILLS initially goes through a survey in the CZ
  • Only documents which are not located in the collections of libraries in the Czech Republic may be requested
  • For more detailed information contact Mária Manoušková at

PROCEDURE when ordering loans from other libraries

Orders can be made via a web form which is part of the online catalogue

  1. Go to the MZK catalogue (ALEPH)
  2. Login
  3. Use the MVS/MMVS link in the top toolbar
  4. Choose a form (book/article)

Before ordering interlibrary loan services, please check the following resources:

MZK catalogue (ALEPH)

Electronic MZK catalogue

Digitised catalogues

Scanned MZK card catalogues. Use in case of an unsuccessful search in the online catalogue. You can view all records and order documents directly. Pages are structured in a multi-level system: cabinet - drawer - every hundredth card - every tenth card- 10 consecutive cards.


Uniform Information Gateway


Contains records of Czech and international printed monographs, special documents and serials available in the libraries of the Czech Republic.


To verify the accuracy of bibliographic citations you may use the KVK - Karlsruher Virtueller catalogue which allows you to search in German comprehensive catalogues and catalogues of national libraries. As another resource to verify the quotation you can also use licensed on-line databases that are freely accessible from all computers in the MZK building.

International Interlibrary Services

for libraries wishing to borrow items from us:

Requesting options

Fax: +420 541 646 177
Mail: Moravská zemská knihovna, ILL, Kounicova 65a, CZ-601 87, Brno, Czech Republic 

Supply time

Requests are normally dealt with within 10 working days. However, if we are unable to supply an item, we will notify you. 


Compensation is reciprocal (free of charge, IFLA voucher).


Any enquiries related to ILL may be directed to

Legislative Provision (

Interlibrary Services in the Czech Republic (Information for libraries abroad)

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