Newspapers and Journals

This year’s issues (its status will read “Current Year”)

  • Current issues of newspapers and journals can be found in the Newspapers and Journals Reading Room located on the 2nd floor
  • Search on your own according to the title among the shelves with the most popular titles selection 

Previous editions (its status will read “Study Room” Collection – name of the reading room)

  • Older, most frequently borrowed editions are located in the Humanities Reading Room and in the Natural and Technical Sciences Reading Room

Other editions (its status will read “Study Room” Collection “Stock / within 1 hour”)

  • All other editions are placed in the closed stacks – use the online catalogue to order these
  • Ordered newspapers and periodicals may be collected in the Periodicals and Standards Reading Room according to the last two digits on your library card
  • The order remains valid for 5 working days.

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