Why Register at our Library?

What can we offer you?

registered user

non-registered user

consultations of documents held in reading rooms and in an open shelf collection
study of your own materials in a pleasant environment
taking part in specialized training courses and seminars
a possibility to attend interesting lectures and exhibitions
use of information services ordering a search (paid service)
ordering documents from closed stacks and borrowing documents
access to the licenced databases *
wifi* and local computers
borrowing electronic readers (one week)
printing and copying

* Full access to the digital library and electronic licensed resources is only possible with individual reader registration, not with a legal entity (organisation) registration.
** Users of Eduroam do not have to be registered.

Registration at our library entitles you to:

  • borrow books
  • Try e-readers
  • Order books from closed stacks to study in our reading rooms
  • Print and copy from our publications
  • Use our specialised databases where all information is of suitable quality and verified

You don’t want to register? There are still several possibilities available to you:

  • Study books displayed in the reading rooms and located in open stacks
  • Attend professional training courses and seminars
  • Attend interesting lectures and exhibitions
  • Use the internet
  • Use our information services
  • Relax, study....

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