Promítání a diskuze: Thrilla' in Manila


When:  7. 4. 2016 / 17.00
Where: Event room/ 6th floor

On 1 October 1975, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali fought for the third and final time in an epic encounter in the heat of the Philippines, known as the 'Thrilla' in Manila'. This HBO documentary brings together electrifying archival footage and exclusive interviews of that fight in ways that convey Joe Frazier's story as well as the broader ethnoracial and sociopolitical history of the time period in the US.

Following a screening of the video, Dr. Joseph D Lewandowski, Fulbright-Masaryk Distinguished Chair in Social Studies, will lead a wide-randing discussion of the varied and complex issues raised in the film.

The movie and the discussion are in English


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