Konference V4

9th Colloquium of Library and Information Experts of the V4+ Countries

18 – 20 November 2020

The Moravian Library was assigned by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic to prepare the 9th Colloquium of Library and Information Experts of the V4+ Countries. The proposed meeting is oriented to the exchange of experiences particularly in fields of lifelong learning, digitisation and presentation of the digital content. The main aim of this approach is to guarantee the fundamental principle of a democratic society-free access to information and knowledge. The discussion will thematise the transformation of libraries (and other memory institutions) into methodical centres and centres of community life.

The colloquium will consist of three panels:

  1. Digitisation
  2. Legal and technical aspects of access to digitised cultural heritage
  3. Lifelong learning

One of the aims of the colloquium is to impact the undergoing discussion of the changing role of libraries in current society. The traditional role of libraries is being weakened by large internet corporations with questionable priorities who provide instant access to information of uncertain credibility. On the other hand, libraries are traditionally viewed as providers of high quality and unbiased services and information. Many libraries are successfully transforming into community centres and centres of lifelong learning. The aim of the event is to discuss possible strategies of helping libraries in the process through digitisation and innovative use of information technologies.

The programme of the colloquium and additional information will be available in autumn 2020.

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PhDr. Soňa Šinclová

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